Sunday, March 06, 2016

Great Site for Free TV links and Guides for Disabling Cable TV Subscription

Trying to figure out how to use my Apple TV with an existing HDTV television.

When the time came for the mandatory switch from analog to digital cable subscription almost a year ago and due to the fact we were not watching much cable TV, we decided to disconnect for awhile.

I have been researching the best way to use Apple TV and airplay with our TV.  I stumbled across this great site which provides a great guide for this switch:

On this site is various guides and helps outlining using antennas for local channels, using streaming boxes (like Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc)  and a page with buttons (links) to all the free TV sites.

I plan to test this out with Safari on my iPad using airplay to connect to the Apple TV that will be used with my HDTV.

As I work through some of the details and tests, I will post any interesting observations at that time.  In the meantime, if you use Apple TV with your existing TV without cable subscription, you may find this site a very useful central place to find all the free TV programs quickly.  Enjoy!

Update:  We got the TV and Apple TV up and running yesterday.  Have all the devices: ipads, iphones and even my Apple Watch working as "remote" to access the wonderful Apple TV menu that has all the buttons one might need to find some free programs, movies and tv series to watch.  I am finding it is pretty nice to be able to watch a program on my time and not tied down to watching a program during a certain time period.  I suppose recording programs is an option for those who continue with cable, but as most have pretty busy lives the Apple TV option works okay too.

The website above would be okay for those streaming boxes that might not have all the menu options and links programmed into their menu setup or for running from a Mac laptop using Airplay and mirroring techniques.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Replacement Battery Information for PRC that operates Mark IV Disklavier

Replacement Battery Information for PRC that operates Mark IV Disklavier

A couple of years ago (Oct 2013), my husband noticed our battery on the PRC for our Mark IV Disklavier was weak.  He had me order a replacement battery.  It is still working fine!  Here is the information for the replacement battery:

The original manufacturer of the battery (i.e. Sharp) has, apparently, stopped making the battery needed for the PRC.  However, there is a manufacturer in China (Hong Kong) that makes an equivalent available via EBay. Shipping is included in the $16.95 price.

Fit Sharp Zaurus SL-C1000, SL-C3000, SL-C3100 battery

The Sharp Zaurus was a personal digital assistant (which reportedly influenced the Newton) and was produced from 1993 until 2007. The picture of one below shows that it looks very similar to our Yamaha PRC.

Sharp Zaurus SL-5500 runningOpenZaurus and OPIE, with docking cradle and stylus was produced around 2001. We purchased our Yamaha DC7M42 31-Aug-2005.  You can easily see the PRC was just a custom version of this Zaurus line of personal digital assistants.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Digital Photo Albums for My New iPad Mini 3

I generally use Apple iPhoto to create my photo albums to print.  I have traveled extensively over the past fifteen years and thought it would be nice to save some of my photo albums in digital format to view on my new iPad mini 3.

You can easily save the books in a suitable compressed pdf file format to load onto your iPad.  To do so, bring up your photo album project in iPhoto.  View in All Pages format.  Then click on the first page of the album while holding down the control key on your keyboard.  You should see a list of additional popdown menu options.  Select the Save as book option.  Give your album a name and safe to your hard drive.

I normally transfer pdfs to my iPad via iTunes file transfer method into GoodReader and then from there I use the "Open in .... " option to put directly into my iBooks on my iPad.  That works great and doesn't require syncing via iTunes.

Alternately, you can drag the pdf photo album file into your itunes ibooks and then sync your ipad using iTunes after you select the album and your other books to be synced again.

Once in iBooks you can organize all your photo albums into a category you create - say "My Photo Albums".

Now, you will have a digital copy of your printed photo albums to view on your iPad or iPhone.

I spent one summer making slide shows and albums of old family photos that were stored on DVDs.  Looks like now, most computers don't have DVD players and in an effort to have that archive of those family treasures, I am now proceeding with a digital version that can be stored on my old iPad.  Rather than selling my old iPad for a few dollars, I have opted to keep it for digital photo books and cookbooks.

I can also use my iPad in remote mode with Apple TV to view these albums on my big screen TV without having to load a DVD into a player.